What to do in free time

  Hey! are you free ?.....If your answer is yes, and wonder what to do in free time and want to kill our boredom then you are at the right place.

 Down here we are going to share some methods to help you out so that next time whenever you have free time you can try these to keep yourself entertained.

   so, relax, sit back and scroll through these methods:

#1. Read a book

  Read a book..Oh God!..well reading can be boring if you are read only to score in your academics in the school and can be interesting if you read a book of your choice.

Its important to choose the field wisely, like if you don't have an interest in history then i don't think its a good idea to choose a history book.

You can try a comic book also or maybe any other book according to your convenience to kill your free time.

#2. Try some Art

  Free time can be boring sometimes or maybe always, so, why not to try some art like sketching, drawing, painting etc.

Just get yourself a lonely room or a corner where there is no one to disturb you or judge you and get a pen and paper and get your imagination on the paper.

Don't worry no one is going to judge you.

#3. Call a Friend

  Well you are not alone on this planet and i hope you may have made some friends in your life,so, why not you call them.

Thanks to the technology you can call anyone from any where on this planet(..of course within a range ;) ).

so, make a call to your best friend and disturb them...well they are best friend for a reason and can help you spend your free time wisely.

#4. Explore the world

  We are really on a beautiful planet, with 510.1 million km² of  surface area in which 148.9 million km² of area is land surface area so, you got a pretty large space out there. 

Hmmm.....what are you waiting for, go for a walk its always beneficial and if you know how to swim then remember that the remaining surface area is covered with water.

#5. Make a to-do list

  If you got enough free time then just remember your pending work and make a to do list arrange it in a sequence and set priorities to each of them. 

Rewrite the list with highest order priority work at top and least priority at bottom.....and go finish your work.

#6. Play

  There are more than 8000 sports in this world, you can chose any one of them or may be all and go outside and play.

This will help you keep your mood refreshed, body healthy and will also wipe out your free time.

#7. Learn something new

  As there is a unique resource like internet, you can learn anything you want, related to any field. 

Sources like YouTube can help you visualise the concepts which you think are hard to visualise.

You cannot utilize your free time in any better way than this.

#8. Sing and Dance

  First get a room...so, that no one would panic hearing you....ha...just kidding.

So, just don't give a damn to anyone and rock the floor.

 Sing your favourite song and move your body with the rhythm and enjoy.

#9. Cook food

  Bring out the sheaf in you and make the dish you always wanted, add your favorite spices, follow the recipe.

If you don't know how to cook then remember to keep fire extinguisher beside you so, that you don't get chance to see your house on fire.

#10. Try origami

Well its not a good manner to waste a paper but its always a good idea to use the waste paper.

Fold the paper as you wish and who knows you might end up discovering a new origami style.

#11. Bookmark our blog

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So as you got the answer to what to do in free time let others too by sharing this post.

Good luck and Good Bye;)
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