What to do in school

    Ever been to school?....then you must be knowing that how beautiful it is to be a part of this thing. Lucky are those who are still in school. But going to school can be boring sometimes so, ever wondered what to do in school ?

Here are some points you can consider whenever next time going to school.

#1. Make friends

what to do in school

  It may be difficult to make friends sometimes if you don't have any skill.

Well actually their is a simple rule to make friends...and...that is....greet everyone, just say hello even to the most separated dude of your class, and that will of course make him/her feel good....and...ta da...you made a friend in school.

#2. Be funny

what to do in school

  Don't ask me how to be funny....just be funny. Crack jokes..well don't try hard to crack a joke you may sound dumb and never ever go deep into the fun that you don't even relate to the topic. 

Don't be funny in between the lecture or the teacher will crack a joke, do it in a free time.

#3. Play every game

what to do in school

  Schools have various sports why not participate in each...or....at least maximum.

 So, that way you might impress you sports teacher and may be he will give you good grades.

And not just that, you will improve your health by this. Movement of the body is most important thing to be considered.

#4. Be on time

what to do in school

  Be punctual, it will surely help you too to save your time and others too.

Time is most important thing, respect it.

Be on time wherever you are going, this way you will save and respect the time.

it will also give a nice impression to your teacher and friends. Follow your school timetable.

#5. Be kind

what to do in school

  Be nice to every one, because the school time will never come back or will never expand...until unless you are repeating your class. 

Be good to everyone and make them feel good, this way you'll also increase your friends list.

so, just be good to every one and believe me you would never regret.   

#6. Study smart

what to do in school

  Revise what you were taught in the class and this is enough to skip the last minute rush to complete the syllabus. 

Do group studies instead of just gossiping, and wasting your time on unnecessary things.

This is really very effective way of learning and will also help you to avoid the last day preparation of exam.

#7. Wear tidy uniform

what to do in school

  Your cloths play a vital role in leaving your impression on people around you.

Being hygienic is always a good thing, and help you to be healthy.

A neat and tidy uniform indicates that you are carrying less germs on your shoulders and this will attract more people.

 A neat and tidy uniform creates a positive environment around you. 

Make sure you polish your shoes daily..and make them shine brighter than your future..ha... so, do remember to wear a neat and tidy uniform.

#8. Respect teachers

what to do in school

  Well its very sad that the students don't have respect for their teachers. 

They think that their teacher doesn't know how to teach and question their qualification.

 But remember if even one student is able to understand what your teacher is teaching then believe me he/she is the best teacher.

 Also, if some one is giving you knowledge then always assume that your knowledge is weak.

#9. Keep your self updated

what to do in school

  Do your assignments, homework or project on time just to avoid the last minute rush. 

This will also help you save your time and then you can utilize your time in proper way may be for more practice of your academics.

#10. Enjoy

what to do in school

  Enjoy your school time, this is never going to come back in your life

So, make friends, play and do whatever you want and enjoy your time, enjoy every moment. 

Participate in every game, every cultural and social activity.

Give time to everyone your teachers, your parents and your friends and also to your pet.

And never ever regret.

Also remember this:
  Bear in mind that the wonderful things you learn in your schools are the work of many generations, produced by enthusiastic effort and infinite labour in every country of the world. All this is put into your hands as your inheritance in order that you may receive it, honour it, add to it, and one day faithfully hand it on to your children. Thus do we mortals achieve immortality in the permanent things, which we create in common.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - Albert Einstein    

  So, you got the answer to what to do in school. Let others too by sharing this post.

Good luck &Good Bye;)

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