What to do in Life

  Life is really beautiful gift of god. Life is fragile. Life is fun. But wait......it.....sucks too. So, what can you do with your life or what to do in life, should you follow others or make your own path.

 So, down here are some methods you can do to keep your life running.

 So, sit back, relax and scroll through them.

#1. Be independent

  First of all you should not rely on any one, not even on your parents.

Don't ask for favours. Don't ask for help until unless it's an emergency.

Search for independent income source, so, that next time you don't have to ask for money to anyone. Learn to enjoy your own company.

 what will this do?...well it will simply boost your confidence and give you a reason to live your life.

#2. Be motivated

  You all know that motivation is the fuel for life, grab it with the right source.

To keep life running you need motivation. To complete any work which takes effort, you need motivation.

So, read motivational stories and hear motivational speeches, but not always, you don't need motivation on daily basis, do it periodically.

Its like your car, when it feels empty you fill it wit fuel and not daily.

So stay healthy and motivated.

#3. Get inspiration

  Read inspiring blogs of great people, how they built their empire, how was their journey and how they concurred the obstacles on their way.

 Read their biographies and get inspiration and learn from them and from their mistakes so, that one day you can write your own inspiring story.

#4. Expect worst

  Expectations in your life can really leave you disappointed, then what to do?...expect less or worst.

 If you are doing any thing in any field then never keep expectations regarding the result and see your changing life.

Never expect anything from anyone because expectations always leads to frustration.

#5. Stay healthy

  Look after your fitness, have a healthy diet and stay fit. Select your diet wisely, eat healthy food, avoid junk food, eat green vegetables, eat fruits.

 Health is your major weapon in the war of life. So, take care of it and remember to sharpen its edge by being fit.

so, remember to give first priority to your health.

#6. Get up early

  Never hit snooze on the clock, stay motivated and tell yourself that you have to get up early in the morning.

Getting up early in the morning can help save you more time and do some productive work.

 Do, this practice regularly and see your life changing.

#7. Don't skip work

  Never skip your today's work and postpone it on tomorrow.

 Try to finish all your work on time and this will save you time, and the next day you will thank yourself.

Do all the pending work on time and this will increase your productivity and will lead to higher growth results.

Utilize your free time and don't waste it.

#8. Try doing small tasks

  Get up early in the morning and start your day by folding your blanket and setting up your bed and then leave your bedroom.

Clean your room and arrange all your cloths, books and other things neatly.

 Complete all these small tasks and you will be refreshed and thankful to yourself.

#9. Be kind

  Say good morning to your friends and family not via social media but while sitting with them and be kind to everyone so that you will make their day too.

Behave the same way with other people like you expect them to behave. Treat every one nicely.

Being kind is a quality that is worth it and you will never regret for being kind.

#10. Be thankful

  Be thankful for what you have, what your parents have given you.

  Be thankful to god for giving this precious life. Never ever look back to your past, learn from your mistakes and make your future bright and your life.

Let your friends and family know how to tackle life problems and what to do in life by sharing this post.

Good luck and good bye ;)

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