7 things to do before turning 20 to change your life.


         is a really beautiful creation of god. But the time is limited. You got only one chance, a small mistake and everything is finished.


 Ok lets not get too filmy..

First of all their are few things which as a youngster you should know to change your future. You may underestimate few things in your life but believe me it has a huge effect on the way your life is going.

Your life have some difficulties, but before turning 20 you should remember that whatever you did or whatever happened with you is a matter of past and is need to be forgotten.

The main thing you need to remember is the experiences and the lessons learnt.

7 things to do before turning 20 to change your life.

So, down here are few points you should consider before 20 to change your life.

#1. Forget past

  As i mentioned before, you should learn to forget all the bad things and bad experiences you had before.
 Only thing you should remember is the good things, whatever good things you learnt in life are the one which are going to shape your future. Good things include your parent's and teacher's teachings and lessons you learnt from your experiences.
 Focusing too much on your past will make your future blur.

#2. Don't waste time

  ..and how to do that? well the answer is simple and we all know that. That is we just have to stick to our work, if you want to waste your time just waste it by doing your work, this means that your just utilizing your time in the name of wastage of time.
  Wasting time is the most unnecessary thing we all do, to stop wasting the the time is to simply limit yourself from doing unnecessary things like using social media too much.
 Utilize your time to do some productive work, it may be drawing random lines simply to improve your drawing skills.

#3. Be an early bird

  Wake up early in the morning and go outside so that you get some fresh air. Waking up early can make you feel more energetic and will add more hours to your day so that you don't get low on time.
  Waking up early will help you keep your health good. You will feel refreshed whole day you will be more active in all your activities through out the day.
  As we all know waking up early has lot of benefits, so what are you waiting for, do this from tomorrow on wards and follow it regularly.

#4. Be ready with all your documents

  Create and collect all the legal documents that you think are necessary for your future decisions. Apply for all the legal documents and update all the previous documents.
  Create the legal documents like PAN, TAN, ID cards, Voter Id, Passport etc.
 Also don't forget to make your bank a/c. Other documents like academic proofs are also to be collected, and make sure that all the credentials in all the documents do match with each other with no spelling errors.
 This will simply make your life more tension free.

#5. Make right decisions

  Making right decisions can help you manage all things in your life. simply take right decisions regarding the academics, like which field and college to choose.   
  Right decisions are very much important to make your life easy. But how to make right decisions, simply analyze the key points regarding the topic you want to take decision. Cross check all the factors you are considering to make right decision.
  Don't worry if your decision comes out to be wrong, just work on how to make those decisions right.

#6. Try new things

  Just do all the practicals that you have been learning theoretically since childhood this will simply boost your understanding of concepts regarding that particular topic.
 Pen down your ideas in a separate notebook and keep it safe, those ideas can be worth a million so simply write and draw the imagination on the paper, try writing more details regarding that idea. Write at least one idea in a day so by the end of the year you would end up with 365 new and unique ideas, and just imagine how much you would make up in your entire life.

...So, what next?...just work on those ideas may be some of them would be worth giving a try.

#7. Enjoy the journey

  The destination may be good, but the journey to the destination is always the best. So, enjoy your path to success. You will remember these days while sitting on your dream throne. Learn from your mistakes, never give up...these are the words of our parents and lot of other successful people out there who made their dream life become reality. so, respect these words.
 ...And enjoy the journey.

  Simply note down and work on these points as early as possible so that after finishing these work you can focus on other things in your life.

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