5 steps to do to travel alone.

 We all have traveled somewhere in our life time with friends, family or with relatives, but, when we have to travel alone then there are a lot of difficulties.

travel alone

When you are travelling alone you may come across some difficulties. Like there is no one to make you alert  regarding your journey and there is no one to look after you and your luggage.

 So, down here are some steps to avoid or minimize the problem that may arise while travelling alone.

#1. Prepare yourself

  Get ready with your bags or luggage at least one day before the boarding day.

  Don't take unnecessary things with you which may not come in use later. Else it will just make your bags heavy and remember you are travelling alone and there is no one except you to lift those bags.

 Make sure you got all your documents like ticket or boarding pass, identity etc.

 Double check the ticket and also make sure to note down the important stuff on the ticket like your train or plane number, your seat number, departure time, arrival time etc.

#2. Reach early

  Make sure to reach the railway station or airport atleast an hour before the departure so, that the traffic between your way won't affect your plans.

  You should leave your home early so that you can reach the station or airport before time because, precaution is always better than cure.

#3. Cross check

  When you reach the transport hubs i.e station or airport make sure that you follow the proper procedure of the check-in respectively. Like verifying your ticket or boarding pass. 

Similarly follow the instructions for carrying the luggage.

 cross check your ticket details with the details on the led screens or the charts.

 Cross check the departure time, ticket confirmation and the platform number. Also check if their is any delay in the train/flight timing.

After checking all these details, head towards the respective platform and wait for the transit to arrive.

#4. Head towards the seat.

  After your train/flight arrives, head towards your respective seat, check your luggage and place it safely on the luggage spot or may be beside your seat.

 Take a look around you, make your self comfortable, check your neighbours and make sure you are at right seat.

#5. Enjoy the journey

  As your transit has left for the destination, make your self comfortable and enjoy the journey.

 Check your luggage periodically to make sure it is safe. When you reach your destination, collect all your luggage and leave the transit hub.

And the most important thing: don't forget your earphones while travelling

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5 steps to do to travel alone.

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