steps to be unique

  Every one is unique, every one has got a unique life, but we still try to be someone else or try to copy someone and be like them.

  As we all have got this beautiful and unique life, lets not waste it by being someones copy.

  So, down here are some ways to be unique.

#1. Look at yourself

  First of all take a look at your self, what are you doing?...aren't you copying others, if not then passed the first step, move on. If not..then don't worry we all do it on regular basis.

So, what to do then?....well just note down the unnecessary things you do all the day and try to change them not as per the trend but as you wish or the way in which you are more comfortable.

so, now lets move to the next step...

#2. Be yourself

  Don't do or don't follow any thing just because it is in trend or fashion, first of all simply analyse it and ask questions to your self it really that important?..will it change my life in a positive way?...if yes then go for it, but if no...then never ever talk about it.

 "Don't be someone else for someone else"... What ever your way or style of living is just be yourself. Don't change yourself to impress someone else. Change yourself for yourself.

It is always better to be original rather than being fake.

#3. Be independent

  Be independent in all aspects, it means you should also not be dependent on some else even for the money.

Search for independent income source, be independent to take your own decisions so that even if they come to be false you will be that they were your own.

At least you wont blame others for changes in happening in your life. 

#4. Learn to ignore

 Their are lot of things going around you, but what you need the most is to learn to differentiate between them and ignore the negative ones.

 There may be people around you trying to pull you down, but you need to ignore them no matter what they say.

If they try hard, you try harder.
Simply focus on yourself and your thoughts, don't let others control it.

#5. Be confident 

 Being confident is what it takes to win a war. Learn to walk and talk with confidence. Your confidence introduces you while meeting new people, it speaks for you.

 So, whatever you say or do, do it with confidence.

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